self-portrait-2016-borderI‘ve been around Art ever since I can remember. Painting was always my most prominent passion, but it has been drawing that for years kept me engaged. Nowadays, I focus mostly on painting. The process is based on what was done with pieces during the period that followed my artistic studies in Portugal. Always felt tremendously connected to surrealism and expressionism. That is what I combine with most of my artwork till the present day.

My time living in Poland allowed me to reconnect with painting, once I discovered renowned Polish painters like Beksiński or Witkiewicz, while blending the melody and audacity of Fernando Pessoa, one of my favorites writers from the Modernism in Portugal.

I sketch directly on canvas, and for most of the time will overlap forms and ideas, creating at times surrealistic structures, that will later on merge with more expressive dimensions and simply play around with brushes to combine the two lines together. The initial downfall emancipate newly formed concepts, embracing the outcome, molding them until I find it aesthetically satisfactory. I keep it simple and appreciate creative endeavors boosted with dedication and passion.